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Ms. Lisa Herzl, room H127
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978-462-8171x1167 or 978-566-9335

Grading is done on a points system. Point value ranges are as follows:
Tests/Projects/Writing/Layered Curriculum: 75 – 100+ points
Tests will be announced at least one week in advance. Tests may take a variety of forms, including but not limited to: essays, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and short answer.
Projects may be done in groups or individually. They will include a written, and oral/presentation component. Projects will be graded based off a rubric.
Writing assignments can range from a paragraph to an essay. Students will be assessed on their ability to express their ideas coherently and effectively, as well as their ability to demonstrate understanding of the topic being discussed.
Layered Curriculum is a way of teaching that allows students more choice in the way they learn. Layered curriculum is a much more student directed way of learning. At the beginning of the unit students will be presented with a unit outline that shows them the required assignments for the unit and the choice assignments for the unit. Students are assigned a specific amount of points they must complete by a specific date.
Quizzes: 10 – 25 points, all quizzes are open note unless otherwise indicated and may not be announced in advance.

It is highly recommended that students have a three ring binder with paper/notebook. Students are expected to come to class with a writing utensil and all their materials every day.

1. Cooperate with and respect your teacher and classmates.
2. Respect the rights and property of others.
3. Carry out your basic student responsibilities.
4. Follow the rules as outlined in the student handbook.
1. Come to class prepared and ready to learn.
2. Start your work on time and allow time to finish.
3. Ask for help when you need it.
4. Do your own work.
5. Turn your work in on time.
6. Accept responsibility for grades and other consequences.
If a student plagiarizes or cheats on an assignment their grade for that assignment will be a zero. Parents will be notified, and any additional consequences as outlined in the student handbook will be followed.

It is the student’s responsibility to make up ALL missed assignments. When returning from absences it is the student’s responsibility to see the teacher to receive the work that was missed. In the event of an excused absence the student has double the time of the absence to make up the work (ex: student misses two school days, they then have four school days to complete the missed work). In the event of an unexcused absence student will receive a zero for all work missed. Late projects/essays/presentations will be docked 10% of the total value for each day they are late.

If a student needs extra help I am available most days before and after school. If a student has concerns they can set-up an appointment for extra help. It is best for a student to come forward for extra help as soon as they realize extra help is needed. Ultimately the decision to learn is up to the student and it is expected that students will seek extra help as needed or alert me to their concerns.

Assignments, extra copies of class materials, and PowerPoint are available on the website:http://msherzlworldhistory.wikispaces.com