How to create a GoogleDocs account (all my students will need a GoogleDocs account):
1. Go to

2. Click on the link that says, "create an account now."

3. Decide if you would like to create a google e-mail address (I highly recommend creating a gmail address) or use one of the existing email options. Please remember that whatever your email address is that will be your Google username and I will see it.

4. Complete the required steps for the option you've selected.

5. Go back to and sign into your new GoogleDocs account. It will look like this:

6. Click the create new button and you will get a pulldown tab that allows you to select what you would like to create: document, presentation (similar to PowerPoint), spreadsheet (similar to Excel), form (a survey like the introduction one I created), a drawing, or a collection (like a folder).

7. Begin creating and exploring to learn how GoogleDocs works.