How to create a wikispaces account (only honors students will need a wikispaces account):

1. Go to

2. Select the button on the right side that says "Wikis for Individuals and Groups".

3. Create your username and password. It is very important that you create your username in the following way. Your username will be your first name, last initial and the period you're in. This way I can easily identify who you are and give you credit for posting on the wiki. If I do not recognize your username I will not allow you access to the wiki and you will not be able to post. Here is an example: If my name is Jane Smith and I'm in A period my username would be JaneSA. If you follow this guide and the username you are trying to create is already taken then let me know and we will come up with a variation you can use.

Also be sure to use an email address that you regularly check, because you will need to confirm your account - if you just created a new gmail address you can use that!

4. After you've created your username you will be asked if you'd like to create a wiki of your own. This is 100% optional. I do not require you to create a wiki. If you want to do so, that's fine, but you will need to set it up on your own time.

5. Once your wiki account is all set-up and you've confirmed you account through email go back to my page: and request permission to join the wiki.

Now I just have to approve your membership (as long as you've made your username correctly than I will) and you can begin posting in the discussion section of the wiki. I've locked the pages, so you will not be able to edit them. Try posting in the discussion section on this page by selecting the discussion tab at the top of this page.