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Additional Primary Source Readings:
Declaration of the Rights of Man - Remember when the third estate of the Estates - General broke off and decided to form the National Assembly, and then found themselves locked out and met at a local tennis court and made the tennis court oath that they would keep meeting until they created a constitution? This is the constitution the created.
Declaration of the Rights of Woman - Olympe de Gouges wrote this in response to the Declaration of the Rights of Man. She felt that women should be included too! Later on during the Reign of Terror she was sentenced to death by guillotine, but her declaration lives on.
Declaration of Independence - Although this wasn't written in France or by the French it was the inspiration for their Declaration of the Rights of Man. It's interesting to compare the two documents. Also note all the Enlightenment ideas that are present in this document!

Additional Secondary Source Readings:
The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte by William Hazlit - if you wanted to know more about Napoleon (like a lot more!) this is a great resource.
The French Revolution: from its origins to 1793 by Georges Lefebvre - more information on the French Revolution with a pretty good focus on France before the revolution and the causes leading up the the revolution.
Causes of the French Revolution Graphic Organizer (good for reviewing) -